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marți, 18 martie 2008

The World of Gothic

I hope you'll enjoy this materials from my favourite game, The Gothic Trilogy. It is the game i've spent most of my time playing and i don't regret a single minute I spent in the amazing world of Gothic. The epic story of the game captivated me in a few moments, when i saw the intro movie. Since that moment until today Gothic has been my favourite game, and will probably be that forever. I have spent almost two years playing and i've finished it countless times but I just couldn't let it go like other games. Now I,m playing it for fun and, altough I know everything there is to know about it, I still travel to Myrtana or Khorinis from time to time. My wish is to see the story of the game transformed into a movie because I think it would be awesome. We'll see what the future has in store. appart from Gothic 4 of course. "One thing is certain....we shall meet again".

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